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Daewoo DMV-3016 5 Axis Used CNC Vertical Machining Center For Sale - 2004
Fanuc 0i-M CNC Control Tsudakoma TN-160 5-Axis Trunnion Table Coolant Tank & Pump
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About Daewoo Machine Tools

Daewoo Machine Tools (now Doosan) manufactures CNC Milling and Turning Machines with plants in Korea and the USA. They focuses on CNC Horizontal and Vertical Machining Centers as well as 2 axis/multi axis CNC Turning Centers. Doosan was founded in 1976, and later acquired Daewoo in 2005, so used Pumas, Lynx, and Mynx can be found under both brand names.

Daewoo has provided quality materials that are used to create items for different industries, with the broadest range of machines and tools.

Used Daewoo Machine Tool Inventory on Tramar Industries

If you’re looking to purchase a Daewoo-Doosan machine, we have one of the largest inventories of manufacturing equipment in the US, including CNC Lathes, CNC Machining Centers, CNC Lasers, CNC Boring Mills, CNC Grinders, Turret Punches, Coordinate Measuring Machines, Electrical Discharge Machines, Press Brakes, CNC Gun Drills, Bridge and Gantry Mill Options, Rotary Tables and a variety of gear equipment. Take a look at our selection of Doosan Used Machines we have in inventory and can service for you.

CNC Lathes (2-Axis & Multi-Axis):

Doosan Lynx 220A
Doosan Puma 240B
Doosan Puma 240MB
Doosan Puma 2500LSY
Doosan Puma TT2500SY
Doosan GLX8
Doosan GLX12
Doosan GLX20
Doosan Puma 1500SY
Doosan Puma 2000Y
Doosan Puma 2000LSY
Doosan Puma 2500
Doosan Puma 2100
Doosan Puma 2600
Doosan Puma 3100
Doosan Puma 300
Doosan Puma 400
Doosan Puma 480
Doosan Puma 700
Doosan Puma 800
Doosan Puma MX1600
Doosan Puma MX2100
Doosan Puma MX2600
Doosan Puma MX3100
Doosan Puma TL2000
Doosan Puma TL2500
Doosan Puma TT1500SY
Doosan Puma TT1800SY
Doosan Puma V400
Doosan Puma V550

CNC Vertical Machining Center:

Doosan DCM 2740
Doosan DCM 2750
Doosan DCM 2760
Doosan DCM 3250
Doosan DCM 3260
Doosan DCM 3280
Doosan DCM 3780
Doosan DCM 37100
Doosan DNM 400
Doosan DNM 500
Doosan DNM 650
Doosan Mynx 5400
Doosan Mynx 6500
Doosan Mynx 7500
Doosan VC 400
Doosan VC 500
Doosan VM 750
Doosan VM 960

CNC Horizontal Machining Center:

Doosan HC 400
Doosan HM 1000
Doosan HM 1250
Doosan HM 5000
Doosan HM 6300
Doosan HM 8000
Doosan HP 4000
Doosan HP 5100
Doosan HP 5500
Doosan HP 6300