Haas Used Machines

Haas VS-3 CNC Vertical Machining Center
Table Size: 150" x 46" Travel (X/Y/Z): 150"/50"/50" CAT 50 | 2 Speed Gear Box Technomagnette Chucking System
Stock #113234
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2004 Haas TM-1 Vertical Machining Center
Haas 4th/5th Axis Rotary
Stock #13521
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Haas SL-40 CNC Horizontal Lathe 2006
15" Hydraulic Chuck Chip Conveyor Tool Presetter Tailstock
Stock #85454
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Haas VF-5B/40TR CNC Vertical Machining Center
Haas Trunnion Table - 8" Diameter Coolant Thru Spindle Travel (X/Y/Z): 50" / 26" / 25" A Axis Tilt: +/- 120° | B Axis Rotation: 360° CAT 40 | 10,000 rpm | 30 hp | 40 Station ATC
Stock #13478
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Haas HRT 450 Rotary Table
Haas 4th Axis Rotary Table Stand up or Lay Down
Stock #HRT450
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HAAS EC-1600-4x - CNC Horizontal Machining Center 2014
Coolant Through Spindle (Hi Pressure) 30 Station Tool Changer Gear Box | 50 Taper | 30HP Travels (X/Y/Z) 64"/50"/32" Pallet Indexing (B Axis): 0.001°
Stock #EC160014
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2007 Haas VF-9/50 - Vertical Machining Center
- Remote LCD Handheld MPG - Renishaw Tool Touch Probe - 30 Station Sidemount ATC - 7,500 RPM | 30HP Spindle | CAT 50 - Travels (X/Y/Z): 84"/40"/30"
Stock #13335
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2005 HAAS EC-1600 4X - CNC Horizontal Machining Center
Coolant Through Spindle (Hi Pressure) 30 Station Tool Changer Gear Box | 50 Taper | 30HP Travels (X/Y/Z) 64"/40"/32" Pallet Indexing (B Axis): 0.001°
Stock #12950
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Haas CNC Machines

About Haas

Haas Automation was founded in 1983 to manufacture machine tool accessory tooling. Over the next four years, Haas Automation expanded its product line with fully programmable rotary tables, indexers, and machine tool accessories.

Haas is known for specializing in various CNC machines today. Some of their popular products include CNC lathes, CNC Vertical Machining Centers, CNC Horizontal Machining Centers, CNC Rotary Products, and more.

Used Haas Inventory on Tramar Industries

If you’re looking to purchase a Haas machine, we have one of the largest inventories of manufacturing equipment in the US, including CNC Lathes, CNC Machining Centers, CNC Lasers, CNC Boring Mills, CNC Grinders, Turret Punches, Coordinate Measuring Machines, Electrical Discharge Machines, Press Brakes, CNC Gun Drills, Bridge and Gantry Mill Options, Rotary Tables and a variety of gear equipment. Take a look at our selection of Haas Used Machines we have in inventory and can service for you.

CNC Lathes (2-Axis & Multi-axis)

Haas HL-1
Haas HL-2
Haas HL-3
Haas HL-4
Haas GT-20
Haas TL-1
Haas TL-2
Haas TL-3
Haas TL-3B
Haas TL-4
Haas DS-30
Haas DS-30Y
Haas SL-10
Haas SL-20
Haas SL-30
Haas SL-40
Haas ST-10
Haas ST-10Y
Haas ST-15
Haas ST-15Y
Haas ST-20
Haas ST-20Y
Haas ST-25 
Haas ST-25Y
Haas ST-30
Haas ST-30L
Haas ST-30Y
Haas ST-30LY
Haas ST-35
Haas ST-35L
Haas ST-35Y
Haas ST-35LY
Haas ST-40
Haas ST-40L
Haas ST-45
Haas ST-45L
Haas ST-50
Haas ST-55

CNC Vertical Machining Center

Haas VF-1
Haas VF-2
Haas VF-2TR
Haas VF-2SS
Haas VF-2YT
Haas VF-3
Haas VF-3SS
Haas VF-3YT
Haas VF-3YT/50
Haas VF-4
Haas VF-4SS
Haas VF-5
Haas VF-5/40
Haas VF-5/40TR
Haas VF-5SS
Haas VF-5/40XT
Haas VF-5/50
Haas VF-5/50TR
Haas VF-5/50XT
Haas VF-6
Haas VF-6/40
Haas VF-6SS
Haas VF-6/40TR
Haas VF-6/50
Haas VF-6/50TR
Haas VF-7
Haas VF-7/40
Haas VF-7/50
Haas VF-8
Haas VF-8/40
Haas VF-8/50
Haas VF-9
Haas VF-9/40
Haas VF-9/50
Haas VF-10
Haas VF-10/40
Haas VF-10/50
Haas VF-11
Haas VF-11/40
Haas Vf-11/50
Haas VF-12
Haas VF-12/40
Haas VF-12/50
Haas VM-2
Haas VM-3
Haas VM-6
Haas MDC-500
Haas TM-1
Haas TM-1P
Haas TM-2
Haas TM-2P
Haas TM-3
Haas TM-3P
Haas UMC-500
Haas UMC-500SS
Haas UMC-750
Haas UMC-750SS
Haas UMC-1000
Haas UMC-1000SS
Haas UMC-1500-DUO
Haas UMC-1500SS-DUO
Haas VR-8
Haas VR-9
Haas VR-11
Haas Mini Mill
Haas Super Mini Mill
Haas Mini Mill 2
Haas Super Mini Mill 2
Haas Mini Mill-EDU
Haas DT-1
Haas DT-2
Haas DM-1
Haas DM-2

CNC Horizontal Machining Center Rotary Tables & Indexers

Haas EC-300
Haas EC-400
Haas EC-400PP
Haas EC-500
Haas EC-1600
Haas EC-2000
Haas EC-5-4AX
Haas HS-1
Haas HS-1RP
Haas HS-3
Haas HS-2
Haas HS-4
Haas HS-6
Haas HS-7
Haas EC-500/50
Haas EC-1600
Haas EC-1600ZT
Haas EC-1600YZT
Haas EC-1600ZT-5AX
Haas UMC-1600-H

Rotary Tables & Indexers

Small Rotary
Haas HRT100
Haas HRT160
Haas HRT16SP
Haas HRT160ss
Haas HRC160
Haas HRC160-2
Haas HRTA-5

Medium Rotary
Haas HRT210
Haas HRT210ss
Haas HRT210SP
Haas HRT210M
Haas HRC210
Haas HRC210-2
Haas HRTA6
Haas HRT310
Haas HRT310SP

Large Rotary
Haas HRT450
Haas HRT600
Haas HRT630
Haas HRT800
Haas HRT1000

Haas TR160
Haas TR160-2
Haas TR200Y
Haas TR210
Haas TR310

Tilting Rotary
Haas TRT70
Haas TRT100
Haas TRT160
Haas TRT210

Tilting Indexer
Haas T5C
Haas T5C2
Haas T5C3
Haas T5C4

Single Spindle
Haas HA5C
Haas HA5C-T
Haas HA5CS

Multiple Spindle
Haas HA5C2
Haas HA5C2-T
Haas HA2TS
Haas HA5C3
Haas HA5C4