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Kuraki CNC Machines

About Kuraki Machine Tools

Established in 1949, KURAKI Co., Ltd. continues to offer the industry’s most advanced boring & milling machines. From the development of our world-class DAO-70T Boring & Milling Machine in 1961 to our large-scale KBT-15MAX Boring & Milling Machine released in 2001, and our new KBM-11EM/11SX/11S Boring & Milling Machine, Kuraki is committed to unprecedented quality and ingenuity.

The state-of-art-technologies found in our equipment are used in the production of airplanes, ships, construction equipment, automobiles, televisions and mobile phones. We always look at things from the customer’s standpoint and are thus able to react to customers’ demands and requirements in a timely manner. One of our strengths is the early adoption and efficient use of new technologies in the development of new innovative products. In an effort to meet worldwide demand, our sales and service offices are located in Japan, the U.S.A and China, while the manufacturing plants are located in Japan and Taiwan.

Used Kuraki Machine Tool Inventory from Tramar Industries

If you’re looking to purchase a Kuraki machine, we have one of the largest inventories of manufacturing equipment in the US, including CNC Lathes, CNC Machining Centers, CNC Boring Mills, Bridge and Gantry Mill Options. Take a look at our selection of Used Kuraki CNC Machines we have in inventory and can service for you.


  • Kuraki KBM11S
  • Kuraki KBM-11S
  • Kuraki KBM11SX
  • Kuraki KBM-11SX
  • Kuraki KMB11EM
  • Kuraki KBM-11EM
  • Kuraki KBT11A
  • Kuraki KBT-11A
  • Kuraki KBT11WA
  • Kuraki KBT-11WA
  • Kuraki KBT11Z
  • Kuraki KBT-11Z
  • Kuraki KBT11EZ
  • Kuraki KBT-11EZ
  • Kuraki KBT13A
  • Kuraki KBT-13A
  • Kuraki KBT13EA
  • Kuraki KBT-13EA
  • Kuraki KBT15SA
  • Kuraki KBT-15SA
  • Kuraki AKB11
  • Kuraki AKB-11
  • Kuraki AKB-13
  • Kuraki AKB13