OKK Used Machines

OKK HM-600 CNC Horizontal Machining Center
Hydraulic Clamping Tool Break Detection High Pressure Coolant Through The Spindle Spindle Chiller Transformer Chip Conveyor
Stock #013556
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OKK VP400 CNC Vertical Pallet Changing Machining Center
OKK VP400 CNC Vertical Pallet Changing Machining Center
Stock #23529
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OKK VM5 II CNC Vertical Machining Center (2003)
Mitsubishi Neomatic 635v Control 10,000 rpm Geared Spindle
Stock #13370
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2017 OKK HMC 500 - Horizontal Machining Center
- Fanuc 31i-MB Control - High Pressure Coolant Thru Spindle - 19.7" x 19.7" Pallet Size - Full 4th Axis (0.001°) - CAT 40 Big Plus | 15k RPM | 50HP
Stock #15421
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2000 OKK VM-7 w/Pallet Changer - Vertical Machining Center
Fanuc 16i Control Coolant Thru Spindle Pallet Changer System (47" x 23") BT-50 | 13k RPM Spindle
Stock #13028
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OKK CNC Machines

About OKK Machine Tools

As one of the world’s leaders in used OKK sales, we feel it is important to educate our customers on the history of OKK’s machine tools and how they have shaped the current machine tool industry. OKK is a leading manufacturer of CNC machine tools. OKK specializes in manufacturing CNC Vertical Machining Centers and CNC Horizontal Machining Centers as well as other types of CNC machinery. OKK has a vast array of various CNC machines ranging from standard 3-axis vertical machining centers to multi-axis CNC machining centers. OKK is best known for its high-quality and high-speed Vertical and Horizontal machining centers. Below is a guide of the different models that OKK has introduced throughout the years.

CNC Vertical Machining Center

  • OKK VP400
  • OKK VP5002APC
  • OKK VP600
  • OKK VP9000
  • OKK VP1200
  • OKK VP2200
  • OKK VM600
  • OKK VM900
  • OKK MCV560DS
  • OKK MCV1260
  • OKK KCV800
  • OKK KCV1000
  • OKK VB53
  • OKK VC-X350
  • OKK VP1200
  • OKK VP2200
  • OKK VP6000
  • OKK VP6005AX
  • OKK VP9000
  • OKK VP90005AX
  • OKK VP600
  • OKK VP500 2APC
  • OKK VP400
  • OKK VB53
  • OKK VG5000
  • OKK KCV800-5AX
  • OKK KCV1000-5AX
  • OKK MCV560DS-5AX
  • OKK VM900DS-5AX
  • OKK MCV30
  • OKK MCV300
  • OKK MCV500
  • OKK MCV630
  • OKK MCV650
  • OKK VM5
  • OKK VM7
  • OKK VM90R
  • OKK VM660R
  • OKK VM76R
  • OKK VM53R
  • OKK VM43R

CNC Horizontal Machining Center:

  • OKK HMC500
  • OKK HM500S/40
  • OKK HM500S/50
  • OKK HM600
  • OKK HM600s
  • OKK HM800S
  • OKK HM1000S
  • OKK HM1250S
  • OKK HM1600
  • OKK MCH600
  • OKK HM-X6000
  • OKK HM-X8000
  • OKK MCH1000R
  • OKK MCH8000R
  • OKK MCH5000R