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We provide a wide range of machines from many of the top manufacturers. Take a look at our selection of STUDER Used Machines we have in inventory and can service for you.

Studer CNC Machines

About Studer

STUDER has been writing grinding history since 1912. STUDER has developed from a small enterprise into an internationally active company with around 800 employees. Fritz Studer AG owes its position in the market to the experience gained from building more than 24,000 systems. Its former pioneering spirit is also reflected in its present-day products, and is impressively demonstrated by the quality and quantity of its innovations. Since 1994 STUDER has been part of UNITED GRINDING Group.

Used Studer CNC Grinder Inventory from Tramar Industries

If you’re looking to purchase a Studer grinder, we have one of the largest inventories of manufacturing equipment in the US, including CNC Grinder, CNC Lathes, CNC Machining Centers, CNC Boring Mills, Bridge and Gantry Mill Options. Take a look at our selection of Used Studer CNC Grinders we have in inventory and can service for you.


Studer S20
Studer s30
Studer Favorit
Studer FavoritCNC
Studer S33
Studer S31
Studer S41
Studer S11
Studer S22
Studer S121
Studer S131
Studer S141
Studer S151
Studer S110
Studer S122
Studer S121 Radius
Studer S131 Radius
Studer S141 Radius
Studer S30 Lean Pro