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We’re Always Buying and Selling Used Machinery at Tramar!

Ready to upgrade your production line or need to liquidate fast? Call Tramar! Looking for parts or service for a discontinued CNC machine, or looking for used CNC Equipment in good working condition? Call Tramar! We’re so well connected in the CNC Industry, if we don’t have it, we can find it. And if we have it, we’ll post here and on our Buy Used Machinery page. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you guessed it. Call Tramar!

Why You Should Trust Used CNC Machinery

A CNC machine can speed up production tremendously, but when you see the cost of a new one, you might think it is not affordable. There are used ones, however, and many of them are very good and have a lot of life left in them. In some ways, it is like buying a used […]

Benefits Of Preventative Maintenance For CNC Machinery

Acquiring CNC machinery requires massive capital investment and the opportunity cost in the event of a breakdown of such machinery, is significant as well. Preventive maintenance is an approach meant to ensure that CNC machines run smoothly and at maximum efficiency. The concept entails timely servicing after a given period, and this implies there are […]

Questions To Ask Your CNC Machine Dealer

How long will this particular CNC machine last? Machine maintenance, intended uses and other factors will play a role in determining how long your CNC machine will last. However, you can expect a high-quality machine to last many years. Excellent machine cuts can be expected even after 10 years of machine use. Is assembly included […]

How Often Should Your CNC Machine Be Inspected?

Chances are, you use at least one CNC machine on a regular basis if you own and operate a manufacturing business. CNC machines perform many functions that are essential to the success of a manufacturing business. Therefore, you should have your CNC machines maintained and inspected regularly to ensure that they will be able to […]

The Benefits of Using CNC Machinery

The manufacturing industry is currently characterized by the wide use of Computer Numerical Control machines. They have come to take the place of the traditional vertical millers, shaping machines, routers and Centre lathes, among other traditional machines that required the manual operation of a trained engineer. With the CNC machines, the workflow is streamlined, hence […]

How Have CNC Machines Changed Modern Manufacturing?

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines are very popular in the manufacturing industry. In the past, many manufacturers used machines that were controlled by qualified engineers. Today, however, computers, making it possible for people with less training to operate the machines, control CNC machines. Positive impacts of CNC machines CNC machines are capable of running for […]

How CNC Machines Have Changed Manufacturing

CNC, or Computer Numerical Control technology, is taking a growing role in manufacturing. This technology makes it possible for machines to be guided by user-friendly applications. The controls integrate easily and seamlessly in a normal computer. These machines are often used for purposes such as milling, cutting, routing, and drilling of a large variety of […]

Should You Choose a Horizontal or Vertical Machining Center?

As a machine shop operator, you might wonder whether you should opt for a vertical machining center or a horizontal machining center. Here’s a few facts that might help your decision making process. What are some benefits of using a horizontal machining center? HMCs really stand out on spindle run time. Compare 25% on a […]

What are CNC Machines and How Do They Work?

In most industries that use and utilize machinery, CNC machines are common inside the factories and warehouses. But what exactly is a CNC machine? CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control which, in layman terms, is a machinery process in which the machine is being controlled by a computer system. This is a very common in […]

3 Signs You Should Replace Your CNC Machine

The application of computer controls to machinery has magnificently improved the ability to produce creative and useful products, but they do require maintenance, repairs, and eventual replacement like any other piece of equipment. Tasks Take Longer to Complete One of the more subtle signs of needing a CNC replacement is a slowdown in the time […]

How to Find a CNC Machine Dealer You Can Trust

Whether you own an established business that utilizes CNC machines, or you have just founded your own metalworking business, you are more than likely aware of how expensive CNC machinery is. Even a used CNC machine can cost upwards of five figures. When you buy a CNC machine, you are making an investment in your […]

When Should You Avoid Purchasing a Used CNC Machine?

If you’re a business owner who specializes in manufacturing parts or precision cutting, a trustworthy CNC machine is an absolutely essential tool to maximize your production efficiency. However, as every good business owner knows, most of making a profit is about cutting costs down to the absolute minimum, and CNC machines can be extremely expensive. […]

How to Tell Whether You Should Replace or Repair Your CNC Machine

CNC machines are durable, reliable pieces of equipment, but over time they can begin to show signs of age, leaving business owners wondering whether it’s best to repair or replace their CNC machine. At Tramar Industries, Inc. we have specialized in CNC sales and service for more than a decade. We have learned a lot […]

How to Tell If a CNC Machine Is Capable of Meeting Your Needs

CNC machines have increased in popularity, and for good reason. With industrial and personal uses, CNC machinery is found in factories, tool and die shops, machine shops, and in backyard wood shops. CNC machines can cut, drill, and carve with precision, and all of this is done by a computer. The user simply enters the […]

What is the Difference Between a Vertical and Horizontal Lathe?

Revised March 11, 2019 Machinists and hobbyists have options to consider when purchasing lathes. A lathe is a particular machine used for shaping material such as metal or wood by rotating it and using other tools to shape the material. Lathes come in different sizes and are available at multiple price points. In addition to […]

What Should You Look for in a Used CNC Machine?

When you own a business that manufactures parts or specializes in precision cutting, a CNC machine can exponentially increase your output potential. However, as any smart business owner knows, it’s unwise to invest too much in overhead costs without knowing when or if you’ll fulfill enough orders to pay for operational investments. For this reason, […]

What is a Milling Machine?

If you’re like a lot of machining enthusiasts, when you hear the words “milling machine,” you think of all of the applications associated with the term. You could probably rattle off a handful of uses and know exactly what you’re talking about. But to the average Joe, milling machines can be a little confusing. If […]

Can You Trust a Used CNC Machine?

Whether you already own a business that produces parts using CNC machines, or you’re getting ready to start your own metalworking company, you’re probably aware of how expensive a new CNC machine can be. In the same way that many Americans opt to purchase a used car to avoid paying top dollar for a new […]

The Importance of Regular CNC Machine Maintenance

If you own a manufacturing business, then your operation is undoubtedly dependent on one or more CNC machines that perform a number of functions that are key to the success of your business. As such, it’s important to make sure that your CNC machines are prepared to get the job done when you need them […]

5 Common Types of CNC Machines

Revised March 11, 2019 Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines are becoming more and more popular in the tooling industry and have gained popularity with some hobbyists in recent years.  CNC machines rely on computers instead of humans to perform tasks. These machines, although they becoming more popular everywhere, are largely used in the automotive and […]