Agma 3016 - Vertical Machining Centers

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Model: 3016
Year: 1998
Stock #: 12219-1 Sold

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1998 AGMA 3016
Machine Specifications

Equipped With:

Equipped With:
Fadal 88HS CNC Control
8MB of Memory
Coolant Tank & Pump

Equipped With:
Fadal 88 CNC Control
Coolant Tank & Pump

Spindle Motor Cont. 15 HP
Spindle Speed 7500
Spindle Taper CAT 40
Table Size 39 x 20
Travel (X) 30
Travel (Y) 16
Travel (Z) 20

The Agma 3016 is an exclusive part of our Vertical Machining Centers inventory which we own and service. We're the international CNC specialists with the best guarantee in the industry.

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