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Model: LMV Knee Mill
Year: 2006
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2006 SHARP LMV Knee Mill
Machine Specifications

Equipped With:

  Equipped With:
- Head Swivel 360 Degrees
- Head Tilt R-L 45 Degrees
- Head Tilt Up-Down 45 Degrees
- Newall C80 DRO
- Glass Scale Feedback X & Z Axes
- Manual Draw Bar
- X Axis Powerfeed
- Kurt Vice Included

Control Newall
Machine Dimensions 84 x 78 x 88
Machine Weight 2400
Max Table Load 750
Number of Axes 3
Spindle Motor Cont. 3
Spindle Speed 4500
Spindle Taper R8
Table Size 42 x 9
Travel (X) 30
Travel (Y) 12
Travel (Z) 12

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