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Model: Robot R-2000iB/200R w/Gantry System
Year: 2011
Stock #: BR14211 Sold
Type: Robots
Manufacturer: Used Fanuc Machines
The Fanuc Robot R-2000iB is the intelligent robot for versatile applications with the most up to date expertise from Fanuc. The highly reliable robot with intelligence and network calibration provides the best cost performance and prompts ease of use applications with integrated versatile process solutions such as spot welding, handling, assembling, and so forth.

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2011 FANUC Robot R-2000iB/200R w/Gantry System
Machine Specifications

Equipped With:

Fanuc Robot R-2000iB/200R 
- Fanuc System R-30iA Control
- Rail Length: 175 ft
- Reach Length: 122"
- J1 Axis Rotation: 360°
- J2 Axis Rotation: 185°
- J3 Axis Rotation: 365°
- J4 Wrist Rotation: 720°
- J5 Wrist Rotation: 250°
- J6 Wrist Rotation: 720°
- Max Load Capacity at Wrist: 441 lbs
- Max Load Capacity at J2 Base: 1,213 lbs

(4) Robots Available

Control Fanuc System R-30iA
Length of Rail 175
Number of Axes 6
Number of Robots 4

The Fanuc Robot R-2000iB/200R w/Gantry System is an exclusive part of our Robots inventory which we own and service. We're the international CNC specialists with the best guarantee in the industry.

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