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Model: FX5 Linear
Year: 2015
Stock #: 15000 Sold
ANCA designed full touch screen front panel (19”) Control

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2015 ANCA FX5 Linear
Machine Specifications

Equipped With:

Equipped With:

- 19" Anca Touchscreen (windows)

A-Axis, Swivel 360��
C Axis Index 230��
Control Anca Touchscreen
Machine Dimensions 76 x 70 x 71
Machine Weight 0
Max Grinding Diameter 7.8
Number of Axes 5
Travel (X) 15.1
Travel (Y) 12.5
Travel (Z) 8.6
Wheel Diameter 8
Wheelhead Motor 12.7
Wheelhead Surface Speed 10000

The Anca FX5 Linear is an exclusive part of our Tool & Cutter Grinders inventory which we own and service. We're the international CNC specialists with the best guarantee in the industry.

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