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Model: Prox DMP 300
Year: 2016
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Metal 3D Printer
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17-4 Stainless
Maraging Steel (Tool Steel)
Cobalt Chrome Steel

3d Systems ProX DMP 300 3D Printer
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3D Systems ProX DMP 300 is a high-performance, high-quality metal 3D printed part manufacturing system, offering
reduced waste, greater speeds for production, short set up times, very dense metal parts, and the ability to produce very
complex assemblies as a single part. With a build volume of 250 x 250 x 330 mm (9.84 x 9.84 x 12.99 in) it features
an automated material loading and recycling system.

• Integrated solution (for printers, materials, software and application support)
• Consistently high accuracy parts even on first-time builds
• Exceptional surface finish & resolution
• Minimal waste of materials
• Clean & safe, no operator contact with powder materials
• Able to produce parts not normally manufacturable using traditional methods
• Shortened production time and increased part precision
• Ease of use - intuitive workflow

• Uses Direct Metal Printing (DMP) technology
• Max build envelope capacity
• (W x D x H): 250 x 250 x 330 mm (9.84 x 9.84 x 12.99 in)
• Very dense, non-porous parts
• Typical accuracy is +/- 50 μm (+/- 0.002 in) on small parts,
• +/- 0.2% on large parts
• Repeatability of approximately 20 μm (0.0008 inches)
• Surface finish quality of up to 5 Ra μm (200 Ra micro inches)
• 3DXpert software for fast and easy part preparation, localized print strategies
• High-quality materials with predeveloped parameters

Finest details, thinnest wall thicknesses, best surfaces
Due to 3D Systems’ patented layer applying technology,
smaller particles can be used that allow to generate
finest feature detail and thinnest wall thicknesses. A
surface finish quality of up to 5 Ra μm (200 Ra micro
inches) is achievable, requiring less post-processing.
Due to the proprietary powder deposition system, the
ProX DMP 300 builds down to 20° angles without
supports. Less supports and improved surface quality
ultimately mean less post processing and less material
usage – saving time and cost.

The 3d Systems Prox DMP 300 is an exclusive part of our Printers, 3D inventory which we own and service. We're the international CNC specialists with the best guarantee in the industry.

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