Amada PCSAW700 - Saws, Band, Horizontal, Dual Column

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Model: PCSAW700
Year: 2012
Stock #: 14200
Double Pulse cutting by seromotor controls vibrations that occur during the longitudinal and penetration forces. This Technology generates the maximum efficiency of blade performance and enables high cutting rates with low noise levels

Amada PCSAW700 Used CNC Horizontal Dual Column Bandsaw For Sale - 2012
Machine Specifications
CNC Control
Control Type
Cutting Capacity - Round
Cutting Capacity - Square
31.49" x 27.56"
Max Table Load
17,640 pounds
Remnant Length
Blade Size (L x T x W)
326.77" x 0.06" x 2.63"
Blade Speed
15-80 m/min (50-260 ft/min)
Saw Blade Motor
25 hp
Hydraulic Pump Motor
5 hp
Table Height
Machine Dimensions
185" x 99" x 113"
Machine Weight
22,050 pounds

Equipped With:

- Hydraulic In-Feed 18.69"

The Amada PCSAW700 is an exclusive part of our Saws, Band, Horizontal, Dual Column inventory which we own and service. We're the international CNC specialists with the best guarantee in the industry.
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