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Model: Gear Shapper (model 10-2)
Stock #: 11902
2 Axis CNC Controlled

FELLOWS Gear Shaper (Model 10-2)
Machine Specifications

Equipped With:

CNC Control Fanuc GE Power Mate
Maximum External Pitch Diameter 10”
Maximum Internal Pitch Diameter 10”
Diametral Pitch – Spur Gears 4”
Diametral Pitch – Helical Gears 5”
Maximum External Face Width 2”
Maximum Internal Face Width 2”
Helix Angle (Standard Guides) Spur Gear
Bore Through Spindle 3.5”
Spindle Diameter 3.543”
Work Surface/Spindle Underside Clearance 13-15/64
Maximum Fixture OD 19”
Machine Weight 11,000 Lbs

The Fellows Gear Shapper (model 10-2) is an exclusive part of our Gear Accessories inventory which we own and service. We're the international CNC specialists with the best guarantee in the industry.
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