Giddings & Lewis VTC-2500 - Vertical Lathes

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Model: VTC-2500
Year: 2008
Stock #: 163800 Sold
Fanuc 310i High Performance CNC Control
90° Live Tooling Spindle Attachment KM80
60+8 Station Automatic Tool Changer
Chip Conveyor & Coolant Tank
Renishaw Probing
Pallet Changer

Giddings & Lewis VTC-2500 CNC Vertical Lathe w/Live Milling & Pallet Changer
Machine Specifications
CNC Control
Control Type
Fanuc 310i
Ram Size
9.84" x 9.84"
Table Dia
Max Table Load
66,000 pounds
Turning Diameter
Max Turning Length
Max Height Under Rail
Chuck Size
X-Axis Travel
Z-Axis Travel
Spindle Speed
200 rpm
Spindle Motor
75 horsepower
Live Tooling
Turret Capacity

Equipped With:

2008 Giddings & Lewis VTC 2500 Adjustable Rail Vertical Turning Center
Max Swing: 106.29"
Rail Height: 98.43"
Max Height Table top to Rail bottom: 98.43"
Min. Height Table top to Rail Bottom: 39.37"
2 Speed Table Drive Tranmission: 4.05:1 Gear Ratio
AC Motor H.P: (S6-40 Rating) 100.6 H.P.
AC Motor H.P: (Cont. Rating) 75 H.P.
Table/Chuck Speed: Inf. Variable-1-200 RPM
Low Range: 1-58 RPM
High Range: 1-200 RPM
Ram Travel: 
Vertical Ram-Z Axis: 68.89"
Horizontal-X Axis: 
Right of Center (+X Axis): 61.41"
Left of Center (-X Axis) 61.41"
Power Assist of rotary setup stand 360 Degree-With High and Low speed selection
Pallet Locator & Stationary indicator Stand
Automatic Pallet Changer Consisting of:
1-Rotary Pallet Changer
1-Plain Parking Stand
1-Rotating Base set up station
Pallet Locator & Stationary indicator Stand
Max Pallet Swing: 106.29"
Max Pallet Load: 26,400 Lbs
Approx. Pallet Change Time: 120 Sec.
Live Spindle/C-Axis Package:
Live Spindle H.P. : 44 H.P. (S6-40%)
Live Spindle H.P. : 29 H.P. (Cont. Rating)
2 Speed Gear Box
Live Milling Spindle Speed: 4,000 RPM
Live Spindle Taper: Kennemetal KM80
C-Axis Positioning/Contouring Table: Number of Positions: 360,000
Rapids: 2.5 RPM
Equipped With:
- 90 Degree Live Spindle Attachment KM80
- Coolant Through Spindle, Manual lever for selection of TSC or Coolant Nozzles loacted on attachment
- 60+8 Automatic Tool Changer | 60 Pockets
- 2 Storage drawers for Wedgelock Tools & Attachments: 8 Pockets
- Renishaw HPMA Tool Probe with assorted probes
- High Performance Coolant System
- Chip Conveyor
- Fanuc 310i High Performance CNC Control
- Manual Pulse Generator
- 5120 Meters of part Program Storage
- Dual Position Feedback
- Constant Surface Speed

The Giddings & Lewis VTC-2500 is an exclusive part of our Vertical Lathes inventory which we own and service. We're the international CNC specialists with the best guarantee in the industry.

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