Makino MMC2 & a51nx - Flexible Machining Systems

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Model: MMC2 & a51nx
Year: 2019
Stock #: 19004-1
66 Station Makino MMC2 Pallet Stocker (3 Levels)
17/66 Pallets Available
Capable of Having 6 Machining Centers
4 Work Stations for Loading/Unloading Parts
Cell includes (1) 2,018 Makino a51nx
Excellent Condition - Available Under Power

Makino MMC2 Machining Complex - Flexible Machining System
Machine Specifications
Control Type
MAS-A5 Software

Equipped With:

- Makino Machining Complex Module MMC2
- 66 Station Makino MMC2 (3 Tiers)
- 17/66 Pallets Available
- 3 Level Pallet Stocker
- Cell Designed for Expansion to 6 Total Machines
    * Cell includes (1) 2,018 Makino a51nx Machine
- (4) Work Stations for Loading/Unloading Parts
- System Control Software (MAS-A5) PC Based Software
- NEMA-12 Enclosure with AC Unit
- Currently Available Under Power

The Makino MMC2 & a51nx is an exclusive part of our Flexible Machining Systems inventory which we own and service. We're the international CNC specialists with the best guarantee in the industry.
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