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Model: Omnisprint 3 SPINDLE CNC Gun Drill
Stock #: 12141
- 3 Spindle CNC Gun Drill
- 0.5" Max Drilling Diameter
- 30" Max Drilling Stroke
- Machine to be reconditioned

MOLLART Omnisprint 3 SPINDLE CNC Gun Drill
Machine Specifications
Max Dia. Hole Drilled
Max Drilling Depth
# Spindles
Control Type
Fanuc 18M

Equipped With:

Control: GE Fanuc 18M
Maximum Drill Depth: 30"
Table Size: 25.5" x 25.5"
X Axis Cross Travel: 19.69"
Y Axis Vertical Travel: 9.84"
Z Axis Travel: 31.5"
Rapid Traverse (X/Z): 394 IPM
Rapid Traverse (Y): 157 IPM
Spindle Center Distance: 9.84"
Spindle Center Height From Table: 4.61"
Spindle Motor Cont. 5HP
Spindle Speed Infinite: 0 to 10,500 RPM

Equipped W

- High Pressure Coolant System w/Paper Filtration
- Coolant System
- Hand Held Pendant in the control
- 3 Spindles

Recondition process: 
The machine will be completely dismantled and cleaned, all parts thoroughly inspected ,defective, worn,or damaged parts replaced. Bearing and way surfaces checked if necessary will be hand scraped or precision ground. Ball screws tested repaired or replaced as needed. Lubrication system tested. The electrical control system completely tested and upgraded where necessary. The three drilling spindles will be rebuilt. The high pressure coolant system will be reconditioned and filters replaced. The machine will be reassembled and painted to your approved color specs. 

The Mollart Omnisprint 3 SPINDLE CNC Gun Drill is an exclusive part of our CNC Gun Drills inventory which we own and service. We're the international CNC specialists with the best guarantee in the industry.
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