Timesavers Lynx 37MWT-DDD-60 - Grinders, Belt (Incl Sanders)

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Model: Lynx 37MWT-DDD-60
Year: 2020
Stock #: 14468

Timesavers Lynx 37MWT-DDD-60 Wet Drum Brush Model & Wide Belt Sander For Sale - 2020
Machine Specifications
Number of Heads
Width of Belt
Length of Belt
Minimum Part Length
Drum Head Speed
2,900 SFPM
Drum Motor
20 hp
Brush Head Speed
4,000 SFPM
Brush Motors
15 hp
120" x 72" x 96"
7,800 pounds

Equipped With:

- (3) Heads
- 37" Machine Width
- Coolant Reservoir
- Self-Contained Filtration Unit Located Beneath The Machine To Minimize Its Footprint
- Electronic Photo Tracking Eyes For Accurate Abrasive Belt Tracking
- Widebelt and Brush Heads
- 20 HP Main Motor
- 60" Abrasive Belt
- Air Knife dryer
- 15-45 FPM Throughput
- 135 Gallon Coolant Tank Capacity

The 31 Series LYNX model is a complete machine with an integrated filtration system to keep metal parts cool during machining, adding lubricity to ensure that the abrasive belt's service life is extended. A high-pressure air system dries the metal parts as they are exiting the machine.

This heavy-duty machine can be run up to two shifts per day.

Some of the primary benefits include:

- Remove burrs on laser, water-jet, punched and cut metal parts
- Capable of deburring, edge breaking and finishing metal in one pass
- Can handle a mix of metals, including titanium, aluminum, carbon, stainless steel & copper

The Timesavers Lynx 37MWT-DDD-60 is an exclusive part of our Grinders, Belt (Incl Sanders) inventory which we own and service. We're the international CNC specialists with the best guarantee in the industry.
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