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Buying Guide For Used CNC Lathes

We’ve previously covered what CNC Lathes are, but now you want to buy one. You can save a fortune when buying a used CNC Lathe machine, often it’s a smarter and more economical choice. So what should you consider when buying used CNC Lathes? We need to make sure that it is worthy of the money that we use in buying a used machine. So here are some guidelines for buying a Used CNC Lathe Machine.

  • Service

    Researching the ins and outs of the machine that you wanted to acquire is a very good idea. Without doing research you could potentially end up spending excess money on keeping your machine serviced and maintained if you’re not capable of diagnosing the problems on your own. However, you can purchase your used CNC machine from a reputable supplier who can provide guarantees and expert service before you buy it.

  • Updates

    When purchasing an older used CNC Machine, you will want to make sure that it has been upgraded to suit your needs, or that it is capable of being upgraded at all. You may require more advanced controls than what were originally included if you plan to perform complex machining. Research the availability of replacement components and upgraded parts.

  • Quality

    Purchasing an older machine has an advantage and there has been plenty of time to identify significant problems or advantages of specific makes and models. Make sure you have the time to research online to know what model stood the test of time and are best suited for your machine shop. Also, consider asking for advice from an experienced engineer who has had work with a variety of machines in the past. You should also consider some other factors before purchasing. Consider the following as another guideline.

  • Machine Hours

    The amount of time that was spent by a machine logged is another crucial factor you need to look into before buying a used CNC machine. You should ask your dealer to cut on power-on hours and time.

  • Tolerance of the Machine

    When purchasing, always ask the dealer about the tolerance. Tolerance of the machine refers to the deviation of the physical dimensions of a manufactured piece. A deviation is a part of the manufacturing process caused by external factors which can easily affect the machines like temperature and humidity. If tolerance is closer to the ideal measurement, this means the tighter it is. Measurement unit for this is thousandths of an inch, known as thou, expressed in numerical as 0.001in. Similarly, two thousand will measure as 0.002in It is essential to be crucial regarding numbers while inquiring about tolerance.

  • Machining Center: Vertical or Horizontal

    When buying a used CNC machining center, there are other issues to take into consideration. VMC (Vertical Machining Center) is cheaper in comparison with Horizontal machines. HMC (Horizontal Machining Center) is better with quality. Therefore, you need to consider the following factors while selecting the two. Prices, as mentioned above VMC, are cheaper than HMC which is why they are always favored by small and mid-sized businesses. Next is Productivity even though VMC is more pocket-friendly than HMC, HMC is faster when it comes to the productivity of the machine. Horizontal Machining Centers use their 4th axis 85% of the time whereas Vertical Machining Centers uses it only about 25% of the time. Other Factors are Workspace as VMC takes less space in comparison to HMC, and VMCs are more massive. Spare tools it is easier to find spare tools for VMCs than HMCs, however, the latter doesn’t require spare tools and saves some bucks.
    All these are the factors that should be taken into consideration while buying a used CNC machine.

With high-tech equipment such as the CNC lathe machine, the expected finishing touches in a wood or metal work are expected to come out clean and with precision. But when purchasing Used CNC Lathes machine you need to consider the factors and the helpful guidelines to save money and it is an economical choice.

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