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Product Overview of DMG Mori Seiki CNC Machines

CNC Milling Machine – Milling is a process performed with a machine in which the cutters rotate to remove the material from the workpiece present in the direction of the angle with the tool axis. DMG Mori has 7 types of CNC milling machines, and as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machine tools, produces not only tailor-made milling machines but also an end-to-end solution designed to meet the needs of its consumer along with their comprehensive range of services.

DMG Mori has 3 kinds of milling machines; Vertical Milling, Horizontal Milling, and the 5 Axis Milling. Their Vertical milling machine processing stations fulfill the consumer’s requirements, no matter what kind of workpieces the consumer wishes to work with. Horizontal Milling is universal machining of various unit quantities, highly-automated serial production to manufacture components, a high-speed solution with dynamic linear actuators, and a heavy-load model with 1600Nm drive spindle. It can cater to all requirements for a Horizontal milling machine, while the 5-axis milling machines offer a whole range universal milling machine. From automated 5-side machining up to challenging 5-axis simultaneous milling with 5-axis milling machines. There are a lot of benefits that DMG Mori CNC milling machines can offer, such as the coverage of the entire range of CNC-controlled milling machines. It has a unique monoBlock/duo block design, and machines in traveling columns, portal, and gantry models. It is compatible with working materials of all degrees of hardness. Not to mention it has optical accessibility and visuality of the work area. Most importantly it is space-saving, high-performance Master spindles with a 3-year guarantee and the linear actuators with a 5-year guarantee for optimal performance, the highest quality finish, and the greatest long-term precision.

CNC Turning Machine – CNC Turning is a manufacturing process in which bars of material are held in a chuck and rotated while a tool is fed to the piece to remove material to create the desired shape. Regardless of whether they are for use in the automobile industry, engineering, medical technology, or other manufacturing and production applications in metalworking. Turning machines are needed everywhere turned parts are manufactured. The benefits of DMG Mori CNC Turning Machines are the following: It features in different shapes and sizes. Individual configuration to meet the consumer’s specific requirements. DMG Mori CNC Turning machines are automated, high-performance, flexible, and easy-to-operate machines. Replacement parts are also available immediately in most cases. It’s Turn and Mill machine has CTX TC, NT, and NXT series that allows turning and milling capabilities in one machine. This means these turning machines series also facilitate the five-axis CNC milling of complex workpieces along with free-form surfaces.

Their Vertical production turning machines has it’s CTV series for many years for manufacturing components for drive technology, hydraulics, and fluid technology. It has built-in automation as standard, additional customer-specific automation solutions, e.g. as a double cell or with robot loading. Also, its eccentric milling processing of complex workpieces thanks to the optional Y-axis. The next one is their Horizontal production turning with the revolvers that have up to three Y-axis and built-in B-axis. It also has a unique workspace concept with two revolvers and the cross stroke of the counter-spindle and tailstock combination makes possible processing in the two independent workspaces in parallel. DMG Mori also has Automatic turning which has five or six linear axes, as well as up to two C-axis. And the last in their Multi-spindle automatic turning the CNC-driven multi-driven automatic turning machines in the MULTIPRINT series are unique.

DMG Mori CNC Ultrasonic machine – means it is a subtraction manufacturing process that removes material from the surface of a part through high frequency, low amplitude vibrations of a tool against the material surface in the presence of fine abrasive particles. DMG Mori has a compact, precise, process reliable with >2 g acceleration and spindle speeds up to 60,000 rpm. And the DMG Mori series of Ultrasonic enlarges your machinable material range to the widest in the complete DMG portfolio. The company also produces the ULTRASONIC Universal- and monoBLOCK series which have a machine concept for every sector. Ultrasonic machines every component produced becomes an impressive masterpiece. DMG Mori CNC Ultrasonic Machining has superimposition of the tool rotation with amplitudes up to >10 pm. It also has automatic frequency detection-adaptation, amplitude, and automatic feed adjustment. And it is up to 50% reduced process forces due to ULTRASONIC allow such as higher feeds, better surface finishes up to Ra < 0.1 pm, and longer tool life.

DMG Mori CNC Grinding Machine – is one of the “Shaping” functions of Technology Cycles, enables grinding on 5-axis machines and machining centers. The grinding machine consists of a bed with a fixture to guide and hold the workpiece, and a power-driven grinding wheel spinning at the required speed. The speed is determined by the wheel’s diameter and manufacturer’s rating. DMG Mori CNC Grinding Machine has Grinding on general-purpose machines that are equipped with a grinding wheel and dresser for the maintenance that are generally used for grinding. Their grinding machine is grinding 5-axis machines and machining centers ensure efficient machining. It also has Conventional programming that the operators can create programs for grinding, dressing, and truing (reshaping) simply by parameters while checking graphics displayed on HMI, CELOS. Its inputting parameters do not require special skills, so programs can be easily created in the conversational programming style. And not to mention its Versatility, which is grinding is available on the DMU FD duoBLOCK series, 5-axis machines, and the DMU FD Portal series with large 5-axis machines. It allows grinding, enables cutting and grinding, achieving process integration, and footprint reduction.

If you’re interested in buying a DMG Mori Machine, please look through our inventory of used DMG Mori Seiki machines or contact us today and we’ll guarantee that we can help you find the right machine that’s perfect for your application.

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