Chevalier FSG-1640ADIII - Surface Grinders (Recip.)

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Model: FSG-1640ADIII
Year: 2018
Stock #: 14370 Sold
Y & Z Axis Full CNC
Single Point Above the Wheel Dresser

Chevalier FSG-1640ADIII CNC Surface Grinder For Sale - 2018
Machine Specifications
Table Size
39.37" x 15.75
Maximum Grinding Length
Maximum Grinding Width
Maximum Vertical Distance
Rapid Traverse (X/Z)
144/120 ipm
Hand Wheel Graduation
Grinding Wheel Dimensions
14" x 2"
168" x 68" x 81"
8,000 pounds

Equipped With:

  • Table Size: 400 x 1000mm
  • Maximum Grinding Length: 1015mm
  • Maximum Grinding Width: 405mm
  • Maximum Vertical Distance: 620mm (Table Surface to Spindle Center Line) 
  • Longitudinal Travel: 1050mm (Hydraulic) / 1100mm (Manual)
  • Longitudinal Feed Rate: 5-25m/min
  • Rapid Travel Approx: 60Hz/12FPM (3.5m/min) 50Hz/10FPM (2.9m/min)
  • Automatic Travel Traverse Increment: 3-32mm
  • Automatic Travel Cross Feed: 405mm
  • Manual Travel Cross Feed: 460mm
  • Hand Wheel/Revolution: 6mm
  • Hand Wheel Graduation: 0.1mm
  • Hand Wheel Micro Feed Graduation: 0.001mm
  • Hand Wheel Vertical Infeed: 0.01-0.04mm
  • Vertical Rapid Travel Approx: 500mm/min
  • Standard Grinding Wheel Diameter: 355mm
  • Standard Grinding Wheel Width: 50mm
  • Hydraulic System: 2HP/6P
  • Cross Feed: 1/6HP/4P
  • Elevating Drive: AC Servo 1KW
  • Machine Floor Space: 4280 x 1730 x 2080mm
  • Machine Weight: 3500kg

The Chevalier FSG-1640ADIII is an exclusive part of our Surface Grinders (Recip.) inventory which we own and service. We're the international CNC specialists with the best guarantee in the industry.

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