Lissmac SBM-M1000 B2-60 - Grinders, Slag

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Model: SBM-M1000 B2-60
Year: 2014
Stock #: BR16029 Sold
One step oxide and slag removal on all edges of laser and plasma processed sheets and plates

Lissmac SBM-m1000 B2-60 Dual Sided Deburring machine
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Machine Specifications
Max Workpiece Width
Max Material Thickness
Max Load
660 lbs
Variable Speed Belt
0-157 IPM
Main Motor
(4) 6.5 HP
3,350 pounds

Equipped With:

Power Adjustment for Material Thickness
Power Adjustment of Steel deburring Brushes
(4) Brush Motors
Approx 230 Hours use

The Lissmac SBM-M1000 B2-60 is an exclusive part of our Grinders, Slag inventory which we own and service. We're the international CNC specialists with the best guarantee in the industry.

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